Fresh, Healthy, and Tasty

1. Natural Flavoring
2. No Sugar, No MSG, No Gluten,
    No Preserves, No Tenderizer
3. Home-grown Sprouts
4. Functional Ingredients

5. Sauce, Soup, Juice made

    fresh everyday in our kitchen

6. Delicious Steak

Great Steak, Fresh Salad, &Healthy Food

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Great Restaurant in your town

Our Restaurant

Fresh Heim offers an exciting selection of freshly served  dishes. Our commitment is to serve fresh, delicious, and healthy food at affordable prices. We deliver service with a personal touch.

Visit Fresh Heim on business or with family and friends for a great meal.  Our friendly staff is happy to address special requests.  Call us today at 512-258-1833.

Business Hour

Monday through Saturday

11 A.M - 8 P.M.

Sunday Closed

Enjoy Hidden Benefits

1. Stevia

   (Natural Sweetener)

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    (Nice Flavor of Fresh Olives)

3. Spirulina

    (Very high in Chlorophyll)

    (Remove toxins from body)

4. Catechin from Green Tea

    (Good for weight loss)

5. Lecithin

    (Reduce cholesterol)

6. Nutritional Yeast

    (Excellent source of protein)