Great Steak, Fresh Salad, &Healthy Food

Fresh Heim serves fresh, tasty, and healthy food to our customers.

Using highest quality and functional ingredients, she designed all our food, including sauces, salads, soups, juices, and even steak and grilled chicken and pork.  All our customers enjoy our fresh, delicious, and healthy food and are highly satisfied with our food.   

Meat lovers!  Don't worry about your health.   Soon park developed the right combination of steak or grilled meat, nutritionally chosen  vegetables and fruits, sauces made from functional ingredients, and healthy teas and juices.   In our restaurant, you can enjoy delicious steak and grilled chicken or pork and stay healthy and slim. 

Owner's Greeting

Hi, I'm Soon Park. 

I kindly invite you to Fresh Heim, a great restaurant. 

I have been engaged in health and nutrition for more than twenty years and have sufficient expertise in healthy foods.  Caring about my customers' health, I designed all the food in my restaurant.   I guarantee you will enjoy delicious foods in my restaurant and also stay healthy.

Why don't you come to my restaurant and try my best foods.

I want to see you soon!


Our Story